You Can Sleep in a Luxury Yurt in Texas

Updated: May 20, 2020

The best form of social distancing: your own Yurt on top of a remote mesa near Big Bend National Park.

With 360 degree views of mountainous desert, luxury amenities, and air conditioning to keep out the desert heat, this luxury yurt gave us an incredible experience.

If you are looking to social distance in style, this is the place. Terlingua, Texas has around 58 permanent residents, but thousands of visitors a year. It is one of the most sought-after escapes in Texas.

Even during the warmest parts of the day, the air conditioning in the Yurt made for a comfortable stay. At night with the temperatures cooling down, the luxury sheets were incredibly comfortable.

At sunset, the subtle sounds of the desert collide with the quietness of the night. We took in the panoramic views near a small fire as the moon rose over Big Bend National Park. 🌵🌙

A telescope came with the Yurt which offered spectacular world-class star gazing once the sun set. The area around Big Bend National park is a designated dark-zone, which allowed us to see multiple shooting stars and constellations.

Our favorite feature of the Yurt was the stargazing dome. When you look up from the bed the stars are directly above you.

To book your stay at The Local Chapter visit their website!

Take a look at the video of our experience at The Local Chapter.

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