The Whataburger Yeti Cup

IT'S AS IF YETI AND WHATABURGER GOT MARRIED AND HAD A KID! 🍔 Texans have gone crazy over this new custom Whataburger Yeti cup.

They have been spotted everywhere across Texas and beyond- on the beach in South Padre Island, at truck stops along I-35, as far North as the panhandle, and even outside the Lone Star State.

It holds 30 ounces of your favorite sweet tea or Dr Pepper in a stainless-steel official Yeti. With a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, we are amazed at the following and popularity these Yeti's have gotten.

We liked the official look and feel of the cup the most. It looks almost as if you're drinking out of a regular Whataburger cup, although you're holding a strong stainless-steel yeti that keeps your drink ice cold for hours. They're available on Amazon, too!

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