Whataburger Just Released 2 New Sandwiches

For a limited time only, Whataburger just released these two new sandwiches:

Photo: Whataburger

Just when we thought there wasn't any good news left in the world, this came along. The long awaited release of Whataburger's two new sandwiches has finally arrived.

#1 The Avocado Bacon Chicken Club 🥑 🥓 🥪 🍗

The all new sandwich is bursting with fresh flavors of premium grilled chicken, smoked bacon, chilled lettuce, and topped off with avocado.

#2 The Barbecue Bacon Burger 🥓🍔

This brand new burger starts off with two 5-Inch 100% beef patties, TWO types of cheese- Monterrey Jack and Cheddar 🧀, topped with Whataburger's signature tangy BBQ sauce, onions, and and pickles.

Let us know what y'all think of the new burgers in the comments below. Watch out for our next Whataburger Yeti giveaway.

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