Whataburger Delivers Food To H-E-B Workers Working Long Hours to Keep Shelves Stocked

Whataburger decided to help out their fellow Texans working at H-E-B in New Braunfels by bringing them food.

Photo: Anita Kay Duran / Facebook

H-E-B has been dealing with a ton of customers panic buying as fears of coronavirus grow, which has led to a major shortage of supplies and tons of long hours for H-E-B workers trying to keep the shelves stocked for customers.

The long lines didn't stop Whataburger workers from helping, though. They brought tons of food to their fellow Texans in their time of need.

Whataburger Employees Prepare Food for H-E-B Workers / Photo: Juan Castillo / Facebook

This is what we are all about in Texas. Texans helping Texans in times of need. From Hurricane Harvey to coronavirus, nothing will bring us down or stop us.

Whataburger Workers Delivering the Meals to H-E-B Employees / Photo: Anita Kay Duran / Facebook

H-E-B has since cut back on their store hours and put in place buying limits on certain items on the amount each customer can buy to be sure that all customers have a fair chance to get what they need.

We are only our strongest when we help others out. Take care of your neighbors, especially the elderly. Check up on them and be sure that they have what they need.

Stay Texas strong, y'all.

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