What a State-Wide Stay At Home Order Means for Texas

If Governor Abbott decides to enact a statewide 'Stay At Home' Order, many restrictions will go into effect. Here is what you can and can not do if the Order goes into effect.

Five States so far have enacted Stay at Home Orders. But what can and can't you do if Texas puts in place something similar?

Everyone will be required to stay indoors, with some exceptions

Aside from going to the grocery store, pharmacy, or a medical appointment, all non-essential employees must stay at home.

What classifies essential from non-essential employees?

If Texas enacts similar orders to the other 5 states, essential employees will still have to go to work.

Here are the Essential Employees, According to Forbes:

Healthcare & Public Health Employees

Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Public Safety

Food & Agriculture Workers

Energy Employees

Water & Wastewater

Transportation & Logistics

Communications and information technology

Critical manufacturing

Hazardous materials

Financial services

Chemical workers

Defense industrial base

Everyone who does not fit into those categories will have to stay at home.

Which stores and businesses will still be open?

According to Fox News, the following Essential Businesses will still be open:

Grocery Stores & Food Banks


Medical Supply Stores

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Liquor Stores

Hardware Stores



Auto Services

Pet Stores

Disclaimer: A Stay At Home Order for Texas, if enacted, could vary greatly from other states. This is not to be considered legal advice or legal help. Consult a Lawyer if you have any questions regarding laws.

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