UTSA Cancels All Classes Because of Coronavirus

The University of Texas at San Antonio just sent out an announcement to all students that all classes will now be held online.

UTSA announced that all classes will be cancelled for another week following concerns that the coronavirus would spread once students resumed classes. On top of the class cancellation, UTSA made several other startling announcements:

The University will no longer have face-to-face classes until the threat of coronavirus has run its course.

Classes will resume on March 23rd via online platforms, no longer face-to-face.

The students who live in the Residence Halls will be allowed to still live on campus despite the campus shut down.

Other campus services such as Dining Services, the UTSA Libraries, Student Union, Student Health Services and Counseling & Mental Health Services will all remain open.

These conditions will remain in place until campus authorities deem that it is safe to resume regular campus attendance.

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