U-Haul Ran out of Moving Trucks Since so Many Californians are Moving to Texas

A recent report by U-Haul shows a massive amount of people leaving California for other states with Texas as the Top Destination.

Along with the state of Illinois, California had the highest one-way rentals of trucks, leaving a huge shortage in the states for people still trying to leave. The company can not keep up with the amount of demand for moving trucks with all of the one-way requests.

We interviewed Californian's moving out of the state and attempting to get a moving truck: "It was super difficult... and expensive to get a truck out of California. Return trips were not a problem but trying to get a one-way to Texas was."

Most of the growth seen in Texas is centered around the Dallas Fort-Worth area. The state of Florida has also seen a massive in-migration as well in the past year.

Texas' low cost of living and strong economy which has many jobs could be the attraction for many people leaving super expensive states like California and Illinois.

Governor Greg Abbott mentioned this in a tweet recently:

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