The State of Texas Will Open Back Up on Friday

The stay-at-home order will end Thursday and businesses will open up on Friday.

Texas Malls, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Theaters, Libraries, and Museums will be able to reopen for business on Friday but will be limited to an occupancy of 25%.

The Governor stated that he wants businesses such as salons, barbershops, gyms and bars to open back up "as soon as possible." He expects that Texas will be able to reopen these businesses no later than mid-May.

All local orders that contradict this will not be in effect due to the new order from the Governor.

Texas alone has the 10th Largest Economy in the world, which makes it a vital part of the United States Economy. This could have been a determining factor in reopening the economy first ahead of the rest of the Nation.

As oil prices continue to plummet, the struggle to keep the unemployment numbers from spiking even higher in heavily oil-dependent cities such as Houston has been a challenge.


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