The San Antonio Community Helped Clean up Damaged Stores and Streets

After a wave of protestors that turned into violent riots rocked downtown San Antonio, citizens took the initiative and started cleaning up the mess.

Photos / Facebook/ Selina Marroquin

From shops near Alamo Plaza to various parts of downtown around the Riverwalk, citizens helped remove graffiti from monuments, walls, and shops.

They also swept glass, cleaned up debris, and assisted store owners with cleaning out their recently looted stores.

Photos / Facebook/ Selina Marroquin
Photos / Facebook/ Selina Marroquin

As waves of protests have swept the nation, many citizens in other cities including Dallas, Houston, and Austin, have stepped up and began rebuilding, cleaning, and reorganizing the parts of the cities hit hardest.

Photos / Facebook/ Selina Marroquin

See the viral post from Selina Marroquin here on Facebook:

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