The Number of Californians Moving to Texas Went UP 36%

The amount of Californians moving to Texas keeps growing every year.

A 2020 Texas Relocation Report by Texas Realtors showed that 86,164 Californians moved to Texas as new residents in 2018, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

The cost of living in California has increased to the point to where it is not affordable for the average family to stay in the West Coast state, so the majority are looking to places like Texas where housing and the overall cost of living is more affordable.

In addition to the affordability of living, Texas has an abundance of jobs and does not have a state income tax.

Dallas, Tarrant, and Harris counties saw the biggest influx of of out-of-staters.

WalletHub recently ranked the 117 of the best and worst cities to move to in Texas, take a look at the interactive map below:

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