The Mayor of San Antonio Just Closed Down All Bars Restaurant Dining Rooms, And Social Places

Mayor Ron Nirenberg just announced that businesses must close down Wednesday.

According to KSAT, Restaurants will still be open to serve customers through drive-thru's and curbside pick up.

All essential stores such as grocery stores, gas stations, and other necessary businesses will be allowed to remain open

Heavily social areas such as theaters, amusement parks, bowling alleys, and gyms must close their doors temporarily as a part of the emergency declaration.

This isn't the first Texas city to have such a declaration, in fact, San Antonio is the last major city behind Austin, Houston, and Dallas to order its businesses to shut down.

For now, the business closures will remain in effect for 7 days unless San Antonio's City Council decides that it is necessary to extend it to control the spread of coronavirus.

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