The Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded in Texas was 120 Degrees 🥵

There are two places in Texas that have reached over 120 degrees. The locations might surprise you.

Hot Summer Day in Big Bend Ranch State Park / ©Texas Memes

The Texas heat is not joke. The first place in Texas to ever reach 120° happened in the town of Seymour, Texas in August 1936.

Seymour, Texas is about 165 miles West of Dallas and not far from the Oklahoma border. Assuming their instruments were correct in 1936, Seymour is currently tied for the location with the highest temperature.

The other location to reach 120° was in Monahans, Texas in June of 1994. in 1994, the weather instruments were obviously much more advanced than in the 1930's. So it is safe to say that Monahans has the current record.

Monahans is a small community near Odessa in West Texas. Temperatures in the more arid climate of West Texas reach very high in the Summer season, with over 100 degree days being very common.

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