Texas Woman had Multiple Identities - An Unsolved Mystery

She married a man who didn't know her real name and stole the identity of a 2 year old who died in a house fire.

Born Kimberly Maria McLean, she would go on to have 3 other names in her lifetime and a string of identity theft that wasn't discovered exactly who she was until six years after her death.

Originally, Kimberly left her home in Philadelphia due to her bad relationship with her biological mother and step dad at the age of 18 around October or November in 1968.

Perhaps the creepiest part of the entire mystery is that after two years of leaving home she acquired a birth certificate with the name of Becky Sue Turner in May of 1988, which was a 2 year girl old who had died in a tragic house fire previously in 1971. Becky Sue Turner had died with her two other siblings in the fire in Fife, Washington.

Once she had access to the birth certificate, she was able to get an Idaho Identification Card.

With the official government ID Card in hand, she had enough legitimacy behind her new name and she moved to Texas and legally obtain a name change to Lori Erica Kennedy.

Once in Texas, she was able to build the credibility of her story even more, with a Social Security Card being issued in her name. Around that same time-frame, she married Jon Blakely Ruff who was from a well-off family from East Texas. They had a daughter together shortly thereafter.

She even went on to earn her GED as well as a college degree in her false name.

According to the Seattle Times, she didn't mesh well with her husband’s family, as she was said to have very "secretive behavior." According to Fox News, she was an "unusually secretive" person according to Ruff's family.

On Christmas Eve in 2010, she committed suicide in the driveway of her former in-laws home in Longview, Texas. An eleven page suicide note was the only thing that she left behind, however this did not mention anything about her previous identities.

After her death, Ruff and the rest of the family found a lockbox filled with all of the evidence of her past identities, letting them know the true story of who Lori Erica Kennedy really was.

Ruff had always been told by her not to touch and look inside the box, which Ruff honored until after she died.

The origin of why exactly she was compelled to leave her biological family still remains a mystery to this day.

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