A Texas Town Rescheduled Halloween because it Conflicted with a Football Game

Texans take football seriously. One town took it so seriously that they moved Halloween to a different day.

In 2014, the town of Decatur took a vote to reschedule Halloween to October 30th. The typical day to celebrate would have been October 31st- also on the same day as the high school football game.

The city council actually held a meeting to vote on this in advance. The Police Chief, Mayor Martin Woodruff, AND the city council were all in agreement to move the date.

The Mayor also mentioned that he never received any complaints about changing the day. If that isn't bipartisanship, we don't know what is.

Football isn't just a hobby here in Texas- it's part of the culture. We come together for this. It's in our blood. It's not just a sport, it's the Texan way of life.

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