Texas was Ranked as the State with the BEST Food in the Entire Nation

A Survey ranked Texas as the Number One State for Food out of the entire United States.

No wonder Texas ranked first. I mean, SERIOUSLY, it's just hard to even be humble when you've got the best barbecue on Earth. See how the states ranked according to Thrillst.

Barbecue is what makes us unique from the other states, but in reality it's our food scene that really sets us apart. We've got seafood in the Gulf, Cajun influences in the East, Tex-Mex to the West and the South, and on top of that we raise our own chickens and steak.

Food trucks are abundant in most Texas cities and make up a lot of the food culture. From Puffy Tacos, to even sauce as unique as Texas Champagne, we know how to eat.

The Top Ten States Ranked by Thrillst:

1. Texas

2. California

3. New York

4. Louisiana

5. Tennessee

6. Oregon

7. Illinois

8. Washington

9. Pennsylvania

10. North Carolina

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