Texas Ranked as the Best State for BBQ in the Entire Nation

An article from Escape Here ranked Texas as the number one state for Barbecue. Only 8 states made the list in total, it is no surprise that Texas not only made the list but topped the charts.

Whether it's Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood or Cooper's down in Llano (cue Josh Abbott Band), Texas has a long history of being the best when it comes to barbecue.

From our brisket to our smoked meats, beef ribs, baked beans, or cream corn- Texans have made a name for themselves world-wide as the leader in exceptional flavor. In places as far away as Eastern Europe, you can find restaurants named "Texas Barbecue."

The entire list of states that made the list were:

  1. Texas

  2. Tennessee

  3. Missouri

  4. North Carolina

  5. Georgia

  6. New York ???

  7. South Carolina

  8. Florida

We're not entirely sure how New York made the list, but oh well, Texas is still first.

Since we are number one, we are taking a deeper look into just which barbecue joints in the Lone Star State make Texas barbecue what it is. We'll be coming out with another story on this. To keep up to date with the best of everything in Texas, follow our newest brand, Texas Experts.

See the entire list of rankings and their reasonings from Escape Here.

Emerson Vieira took the awesome photo of the BBQ.

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