Texas Ranked as one of the Best States for Singles ❤️

A recent study by WalletHub ranked Texas as one of the best for singles looking for love.

Aside from how great you look or how much money you make, where you live can determine your chances of finding love. See how Texas ranked overall.

Texas ranked #3 Nationally as one of the best states in terms of these three factors:

Dating Opportunities- This factor measured the amount of single adults, the gender balance between the amount of men and women, & online dating opportunities.

-Texas Ranked 6th out of 50

Dating Economics- This measures how far your dollar takes you on a date for beer & wine prices 🍺🍷, average Starbucks Caffe Latte price, the cost of seeing a movie, beauty-salon and haircut costs, median credit score, housing affordability, and unemployment rate among singles.

-Texas Ranked 22nd out of 50

Romance & Fun- This numbered how many restaurants per Capita there are, the number of attractions, movie theaters, nightlife options, and how high the crime rate is.

-Texas Ranked 5th out of 50

See the interactive map of all 50 States and their Rankings

Overall Texas ranked behind Florida (#1) and California (#2) for Singles looking to date. Here is the interactive map:

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