Texas Ranked 23rd in Teacher Pay

Should Texas pay teachers more? A report from the Rockefeller Institute of Government found that Texas ranks behind 22 other States in what we pay teachers.

The median salary of teachers in the State was $57,679, which is almost $22,000 shy of what top ranked New York pays teachers. These numbers are based on the 2017 calendar year.

The 23rd spot is the best ranking Texas has seen since being at number 29 in 2012.

The Report also listed the top 5 highest paying states from the 2017 calendar year:

New York—$79,588



California— $73,137


The Report also showed the five lowest paying states:

South Dakota—$42,450



West Virginia—$45,238

North Carolina—$46,801

Should Texas be paying teachers more? After all, they are shaping the minds of our children and the next generation, yet they do get more time off than most professions.

Teachers certainly work hard, and it is no wonder that many people value what teachers bring to the table. However, what is that perfect number between what tax-payers are willing to pay, and what teachers deserve? Comment below, we want to hear from teachers and parents alike.

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