Texas Just Ranked as the Second Most Hated State in America

It's a wild time to use the word hate, but you'd be surprised the feelings states have for each other.

Best Life Online's article ranked all 50 states based on a hatred index.

How do you measure hatred though? Some of the main units of measurement included the percentage of people that moved out of a given state (in other words, leaving because they didn't like it or found opportunities elsewhere) and the other factor being states with the most state pride.

Naturally, Texas ranked incredibly high in state pride. The measurement was based on the statement of the percentage of people who agree with Texas being "the best or one of the best possible states to live."

Which, if you live in Texas and don't agree with that statement, are you even really a Texan...

This hatred, according to Best Life Online, was then matched with state on state hate based on volume. Some states did not have any hatred toward's them, others- like Texas- had many haters.

The top 5 most hated states were:

1) New Jersey

2) Texas

3) California

4) Oklahoma

5) Florida

Texas did great, y'all. We even beat California.

According to the article, Texas is most hated by 4 other states: California (duh), Alaska (what did Texas ever do to them?), New Mexico, and Oklahoma (they're just jealous.)

They just hate us cause they ain't us. There's a reason Texas has such a high amount of state pride. Have y'all tried the barbecue? The beer? The culture?

There's a saying that if you ain't first, you're last. Next year we're going for number 1.

Here is the link to the full article to see all 50 states hate index.

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