Texas Just Gained 4 Million New Residents - More Than Any Other State

That's more than the entire state of Oklahoma...

In addition to the massive growth, Texas is also gaining two seats in congress as well as two electoral votes due to the increase in residents. Florida gained seats as well while California and New York lost seats.

The saying typically goes that people vote with their feet, and that is so true of what is happening today. Texas has seen a massive influx of people from other states- mostly California and New York. If its not the Texas BBQ, tacos, music, weather, bluebonnets, or business friendly laws- then we're not sure what it is that is drawing people to the state.

In fact, there is supposedly of shortage of U-Haul trucks in California as many of them are one-way reservations and end up in the Lone Star State.

The massive increase in new residents has seen an increase in real estate prices across the state as well as a shortage of housing.

People are fed up and want a change. They love the freedoms that Texas offers, but won't be around for long if new residents bring the same values and voting patters that ruined their home states.

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