Texas is Closed. There are 49 Other States to Move to

Texas has seen some of the highest migration in the entire United States.

California, New Jersey and Illinois have seen more people leaving the state than coming in. And the trend doesn't seem to be changing. Many of the people fleeing the state have decided to move to Texas.

California has seen a net out migration of an overwhelming 65% according to North American.

Illinois is in first with an astounding 70% of people leaving the state and 30% coming in.

New Jersey is at 64% our migration for 2019.

Many families and corporations are looking to Texas as a safe haven for lower taxes and business friendly laws- but how many people can Texas sustain while maintaining its values, and cost of living?

Austin, Texas among other major metropolitan areas in the United States have seen a dramatic increase in Real Estate prices as well as the cost of living.

Some would argue that the influx of new people- and money- is good for the state. Others would argue that the average middle income family is being priced out of safe and affordable housing.

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