Texas, All by Itself, is the 10th Largest Economy in the Entire World

Updated: Jul 1

Ahead of South Korea and Canada, Texas alone has the 10th largest economy in the world based on GDP.

Here are 10 Mind Blowing Facts about the Texas Economy 🤯

Texas produces 40% of America's total Oil. That's a ton. ⛽️ While the Oil & Gas industry is huge, Texas is also the largest producer of wind power in America. 💨 Business Insider reported that Texas has enough crude oil to fill more than 1 million Olympic swimming pools.

The economic output of the Texas economy was $1.7 Trillion in 2017, placing us ahead of the entire country of Canada. 💵

According to Business Insider, Texas produces $13 billon worth of wine every year. Drink up, y'all. 🍷

The majority of Texas' exports go to other countries: $11.5 billion goes to China, $25.5 billion goes to Canada, and $92.4 billion goes to Mexico.

Business Insider also reported that there are 28 times the amount of businesses operating in Texas than there are in Wyoming.

Texas also makes up 10% of total manufacturing in America.

There are over 1 Million women-owned businesses in the Lone Star State.


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