Texas Accent Voted Sexiest for the 2nd Year in a Row, New Jersey Accent Voted Least Sexy

Alright alright alright y'all, we've got the sexiest accent in America and we know it.

Texans around the state are not surprised that the Texas drawl ranked as the sexiest accent for the second year in a row in 2020.

Whether you're talking about the smooth, laid back accent of Matthew Mcconaughey- or the iconic Woody Harrelson, it's no surprise year after year that Texas accents are being used in hit films and TV shows.

The top six sexiest accents ranked were:

  1. Texan

  2. New York

  3. Bostonian

  4. Alabama

  5. Chicago

  6. Californian

Hold up y'all. How did Boston even make the list? And California? Will California even have their own accent any more if they all keep moving to Texas?

Alabama we can understand, they've got a little of that Southern Sexiness that makes Texas first place.

Also, LOL at Oklahoma being 30th. We didn't even know an Oklahoman accent was a thing...

Long Island ranked with New Jersey at the bottom of America's least sexy accents.

See the full list from Big Seven Travel of the top 50 sexiest accents across America for 2020.

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