Texans Rank Number 1 for Drinking the Most Alcohol During Coronavirus 😂 🍻

Data from Twitter has shown that Texans are drinking more than any other State in the Nation.

By analyzing data from over 200,000 Tweets from users tagged by their geo-location in Texas, Seriously Smoked determined that Texans are drinking the most during the pandemic.

Y'all, we even beat California, New Mexico, Hawaii AND Arizona. When 💩 hits the fan, we know where to go. According to Chron, Texans drank $5,800,000,000 worth of alcoholic beverages in most of 2015. That's $5.8 BILLION!

Drink up, y'all 🍻

Here is the Top 10 List:

1. Texas

2. California

3. New Mexico

4. Hawaii

5. Arizona

6. Nevada

7. Louisiana

8. Mississippi

9. Idaho

10. Georgia

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