Texans Helping Texans: A Man Helps an Elderly Couple in Need

With the growing amount of panic buying, many people are not able to get the supplies they need, especially the elderly. That didn't stop James from helping an elderly couple.

An Elderly Shopper Looks at Empty Shelves in an H-E-B / Facebook Photo

It was early in the morning outside H-E-B in San Antonio, when James approached the store. As he was weaving through the cars towards the entrance, he heard a faint voice from a partially cracked window.

"Sir, sir... Can you help us?" The elderly woman asked.

A bit puzzled, James stopped.

"We've been waiting out here for over half an hour, and no one will stop to help us." The woman continued.

"I'm afraid to go into the store, and my husband can't walk too well. I have a list of things I need to get."

She slipped him a hundred Dollar bill through the window along with the list.

"I can do that for you ma’am, I'll be right back" James replied.

He went into H-E-B and grabbed what he could find off of their list- eggs, bread, chicken and some non-perishable canned food. Most of the shelves were picked through, but he got what he could.

The lines were long and it took him a while to get through the store. He figured that the woman must be nervous, after all she had given a complete stranger $100 in a parking lot.

He returned to her car with the items along with the change. James said that the look of hope that came across the woman's face was unforgettable.

In times like these, we need to help each other out, especially the most vulnerable. Texans are all about helping Texans. Through hurricanes, pandemics, or emergencies, we help each other during the tough times.

Check on your neighbors, call your friends, or like James did- help a complete stranger out. You never know who might need it.

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