Texans Have the Most State Pride Out of all 50 States, and Here's Why

This meme perfectly explains our feelings towards Out of State Visitors and making sure they understand why we love our Bluebonnets, BUC-EE's, and Barbecue. 🍔🍗

There isn’t another state that can even come close to matching the level of State Pride that Texas has. Our citizens love our State, and we show it every chance we get.

From the beauty of the Frio river, the beaches as far south as South Padre, to the plains of West Texas and the city lights of Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston- we hold our land sacred and want to keep Texas the way it is.

Texas Pride isn't just local to Texas, there's TONS of Texas Shaped products that are so popular they are even sold internationally.

There is even a cutting board in the shape of Texas:

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