One Ranch in Texas is Bigger Than the Entire State of Rhode Island

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

When they say everything is bigger in Texas, it's true.

A man by the name of Captain Richard King purchased 825,000 acres of land in South Texas in the year 1853, making it larger than the entire state of Rhode Island.

The Ranch is MASSIVE. Rhode Island is only 776,957 acres, nearly 50,000 acres smaller than the King Ranch.

Take a look at this map overlay of Rhode Island over the approximate area of the King Ranch:

Captain King established a cow camp in the area by purchasing 15,500 acres from the heirs of Juan Mendiola of Camargo on July 25, 1853, for only $300, this area is now known as present-day Kingsville, Texas. He went on to purchase more tracts of land which became known as the hundreds of thousands of acres that make up King Ranch.

Known as the "Birthplace of American Ranching," for decades the ranch led some of the first ever cattle drives with it's unique selection of cattle.

Today, the King Ranch is still heavily focused on agriculture and they grow citrus, cotton, grain and sugar cane.

You can take a tour of the ranch and see the wildlife for yourself.

Map photo via The True Size.

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