Protestors Destroyed Parts of Downtown Houston

Tons of windows were smashed, graffiti was sprayed, and over 200 arrests were made.

As multiple protests have erupted around the nation following the death of George Floyd, the situation in Downtown Houston on Friday night got out of hand. George Floyd is originally from the Third Ward in Houston, and was recently killed by former police officer Derek Chauvin in a viral video which shows Officer Chauvin resting his knee on George Floyd's neck.

Originally it began as a peaceful protest, but it quickly spiraled into a violent gathering as cop cars were destroyed and multiple property damages occurred. The Verizon store shown in a viral video had all of the windows smashed in as well as everything taken from inside the store.

Protests have started in other cities as well, from Minneapolis to Brooklyn, authorities are doing everything possible to save businesses from being destroyed.


See the events from the afternoon to the aftermath of the protests as they happened, in a first person view captured by multiple people on the ground.


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