POLL: Texas is set to Reopen Today. Are you Behind That Decision?

Texas will reopen the state ahead of the rest of the country. Vote in the poll below.

The State of Texas will reopen in the following phases:

On Monday, April 20th:

State Parks are allowed to reopen but people are required to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing requirements.

5 or less people are allowed to gather in groups as long as they stay 6 feet apart from people who are not in their household.

On April 22nd:

Hospitals can begin surgeries that were postponed due to the outbreak.

On Friday April 24th and on:

Retailers will be able to do curbside orders. Schools and other Universities will not reopen for the remainder of the academic year.

By April 27th:

Governor Abbott should announce the next phase of plans to reopen the rest of the state.

The infected population of Texas is approximately .057% of the state's 29 million people, which is low in comparison to New York at 1.5% of 8 million people.

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