Pandemic or Not, Buc-ee's Has the Cleanest Bathrooms and Won "Cleanest Bathrooms in America"

With an excessive amount of toilets and hand sanitizer every two feet, Buc-ee's was well prepared for a pandemic before it even came along.

When they say everything is bigger in Texas, it is. The numbers at Buc-ee's Stores are over the top: the New Braunfels location has 60 gas pumps, around 84 toilets, 80 soda dispensers, and a store that is nearly a football field long.

Long before the pandemic swept the world, Buc-ee's had led the way in having the cleanest bathrooms.

Buc-ee's even won an award for the cleanest bathrooms from the Cintas Corporation for the New Braunfels location.

Buc-ee's Bathroom Photo Flickr

Buc-ee's Gas Pump Photo Flickr

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