There's Only One Place in the World Named Earth, and it's in the State of Texas

Texas is known for its unique town names, but this one tops it all.

Out in the West Texas town of... Earth, a little over 1,000 residents live full time. The town is dropping in population about 8% per year as of 2019.

There isn't much to it, it's just a small dot in a sea of land with one main street.

The town was established in 1924 under the name of Fairlawn, but that quickly changed. Word traveled slow back then, and the residents didn't realize that there was already another town in Texas by the name of Fairlawn.

Since they had to find a new name, the townspeople sent in suggestions, and the name they settled on was Earth.

The name of Earth was submitted by a woman named Ora Hume Reeves, who then went on to become the owner of the city hotel.

To this day it is the only place in the World named Earth.

Texas has many unique Town Names- like Cut and Shoot, Blessing, Loco, Jot 'Em Down, Ding Dong (yes it exists), Notrees, Gun Barrel City and many more.

We're going to list 'em all next.

Earth Sign Photo by Leaflet.

Earth, Texas Map Photo: Nzeemin

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