There's a National Shortage of Dr Pepper, Leaving Texans Out of Options on Many Products

Texans are struggling to find Dr Pepper in stores across the state... and fast food places may soon be out too.

From HEB to Kroger, shelves where cases of Dr Pepper normally sit have very little, if any, supply left.

One user on Facebook commented "I went by HEB today and there weren't any cases of Dr Pepper, only the 2 Liters of Dr Pepper were available and those were very limited."

It appears the shortage has been caused by COVID-19, as companies around the nation struggle to maintain safety and productivity at the same time.

The shortage isn't only for original Dr Pepper- it's also for their other flavors as well such as their Cream Soda.

Dr Pepper has even confirmed the shortage in a tweet:

Charmin, the popular toilet paper brand, replied with a hilarious statement to their tweet 😂

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