For the First Time Ever, Mexico Wants Texas to Close The Border Because of Coronavirus

You read that right. For the first time ever Mexico wants Texas and the rest of the bordering states to close the border.

With over 2,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, Mexico has asked Texas and the rest of the bordering states to close off the border so the cases do not spread any further.

"Mexico wouldn't bring the virus to the United States, rather the United States would bring it here" Health Minister of Mexico Hugo Lopez-Gatell

Mexico so far has had only 16 cases and no deaths as of today, however the amount of accurate reporting may underreported due to the country's healthcare infrastructure.

The Mexican government fears that Americans visiting the country on spring break or coming through the border might be bringing the coronavirus with them.

We never thought we would see the day that Mexico would ask Texas to close down the border. The world really is turned upside down right now.

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