Man Started YouTube Channel "Dad, How Do I?" to teach basic tasks since his father walked out on him

Rob was only 14 years old when his father walked out on him, and he knew that the void of not having a dad in his life meant missing out on lots of life skills, love, & advice.

According to Shattered Magazine, Rob had to move in to his 23 year old brother's mobile home when their father abruptly left all 8 kids in the family. Rob's mother turned to alcohol to cope with the stress of raising a family on her own, which they ended up never reconciling from.

Rob's YouTube channel is certainly unique. Rob covers the things many of us didn't have growing up or things many of us take for granted that father figures teach you in your life- how to tie a tie, fix a toilet, or how to shave- but it's much more than that.

Rob says that he isn't a perfect dad, but he started the channel because he saw a need.

"When I first started doing this, with my daughter, I thought there might be a need because her and I, and my son, we talk basically every day, and it's more than just how to fix things. It's how to manage your life and adulting questions."

He is now over 400,000 subscribers and his videos are getting millions of views.

"If you don't have a way, maybe you can use me as a resource to help you out"

However, his channel is more than that. His latest video "I am proud of you," is a message of inspirational hope. He starts his video to his family of subscribers by asking for prayers and protection since he has gone viral.

"When I was younger, I let critics keep me from doing things I might have done... Don't let that happen to you. Go ahead and put yourself out there."

Check out his channel here on YouTube.


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