If Texas Seceded, it Would Have the 10th Largest Economy and be the 47th Most Populated Nation

With over 29 Million people, the country of Texas would have more citizens than the entire countries of Australia, Belgium, Cuba, and Sweden.

Texas plays a huge role in the economy of the United States. Without the Lone Star State, a lot would happen.

Texas alone can produce enough crude oil to fill more than 1,000,000 Olympic sized swimming pools (that's a million!)

Without Texas, the United States would lose out on 40% of America's total Oil, and $1.7 Trillion (with a T) of economic output.

10% of all manufacturing in the United States comes from Texas as well.

Assuming the Republic of Texas would create their own currency, it would be interesting to see how the Texas Dollar would stack up to the United States Dollar or Mexican Peso. 💵

50 Dollars from the Republic of Texas circa 1840 / Texas.gov
3 Dollars from the Republic of Texas circa 1841 / Texas.gov

Initially the Republic of Texas Dollar was worth about 37 cents to a U.S. dollar according to Texas.gov

Redback Republic of Texas Currency / Texas.gov

How would trade work out with the United States? With Texas' vast natural resources (especially oil), we assume that Texas would become a wealthy powerhouse and dominate North America and the World Economy in trade.

Do you think you could pass a Republic of Texas Citizenship test? Try it out below:

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