Houston Police Department Tells Officers to Stop Using Whataburger Tents as Crime Scene Markers

This is the most Texan thing we've ever seen 😂

Whataburger table tent being used as a marker / Image: TR

Police Officers in Houston had been improvising and using Whataburger Table Tents as crime scene markers.

The Houston Police Department Senior Officials reportedly told their Officers to stop using them at crime scenes to mark evidence.

According to the Houston Chronicle, A Houston Police Department Spokeswoman Jodi Silva even weighed in on the issue:

"We got a lot of concerns as to whether Whataburger was endorsing us or whether we were endorsing Whataburger and whether they were a sponsor of the police department,"

If this isn't the most Texan thing we don't know what is 😂

Whataburger Table Tents have been an iconic piece of the Whataburger experience, and a Texas Tradition as people have tried for years to collect all the numbers.

As Whataburgers open up their inside dining experiences this Friday, Texans will be able to see the iconic Table Tents again.

See the Whataburger photo here on Flickr.

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