H-E-B, Can We Open the Store an Hour Early for the Elderly To Shop?

Many elderly are not able to keep up with youth to get what they need, so can we open the store from 7am-8am for the elderly only to get what they need?

H-E-B's across Texas are running out of supplies as shoppers panic buy, leaving many of the elderly unable to get the supplies they need and vulnerable to sickness.

If we were to let the elderly in an hour early, the store would be fully stocked and cleaned, giving the elderly the ability to get what they need before the store opens up.

This would allow them to shop in a cleaner and safer environment.

Texans are Texas strong, we help each other out when we are in need.

Whataburger Employees Made Food for H-E-B Employees working hard to stock the shelves to keep supplies available.

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