Haircuts and Shopping Inside Stores Could be Coming Back to Texas Soon

“’re going to be able to go to a hair salon..." Governor Abbott said in a press conference on Wednesday.

In an effort to keep Texas as a business friendly state, Governor Abbott hinted at removing the stay-at-home order to allow more Texans to shop and use other non-essential services.

Governor Abbott made the following remarks:

“We’re going to be making an announcement opening so many different types of businesses, where you’re going to be able to go to a hair salon, … go to any type of retail establishment you want to go to, different things like that, with a structure in place that will ensure that we slow the spread of the coronavirus,”

While businesses could open up again soon, the state is still weary of the potential spread once the population goes back to normal. We could all use a haircut, and that day could come very soon.

There has been a significant balancing act as states such as Texas attempt to reopen but with the threat of the virus spreading once again.

More details are to come from Austin on opening up the state safely.

“In typical Texas fashion, we are going to continue to lead America for doing business by doing this in a smart way and in a sustainable way,”

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