Governor Abbott Plans on Reopening Texas

The Texas Governor announced plans on Friday to begin reopening the Texas Economy.

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Governor Abbott Speaks at the WTTC Summit in Dallas / Flickr/World Travel & Tourism

Gregg Abbott mentioned in a coronavirus conference a plan to restart the Texas economy, although slowly and safely:

"Later this week I will outline both safe and healthy strategies where we can begin the process of going about reopening businesses in Texas and revitalizing the economy."

As the amount of positive tests continue to drop, Governor Abbott mentioned some "good news" in his remarks:

"I have some good news, I will call it glimmers of hope with a whole bunch of red flags attached to those glimmers of hope,"

Governor Abbott plans on putting together a team that will be tasked with reopening and stimulating the economy:

"What we're going to be doing later on this week is introducing Texas to this comprehensive team that we've put together ... that will ... evaluate what must be done for Texas to open back up ensuring what we are doing is consistent with data, with medical analysis as well as strategies about what type of businesses will open up,"

The process is expected to be slow in reopening the Texas economy:

"We have to understand that we must reopen in a way in which we are able to stimulate the economy while at the very same time ensuring that we contain the spread"

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