Flights from Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are Cheaper Than Ever Due to Coronavirus

You can fly roundtrip to Peru from Dallas for $235. If you are looking to take a vacation and willing to brave the global health crisis, flights leaving out of major Texas cities are incredibly cheap.

The coronavirus will cost the airline industry anywhere from $63 Billion to $113 Billion if it continues to spread, which has plummeted the price of airline tickets in major cities across the world and especially in Texas.

Keep reading to see how cheap these flights are.

You can fly roundtrip to Lima, Peru from Dallas for only $235 right now.

You can take a round trip flight from Austin to Fort Lauderdale for only $47.

You can fly from Austin to L.A. for only $53.

As the virus spreads, airline tickets will continue to get even lower. Try it for yourself with a flight search, from any major city in Texas to anywhere in the world, and there is a good chance you will see a low price.

Comment the best deals you find below.

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