Dallas Voted as the Rudest City in Texas

According to a survey by Business Insider, Dallas is the rudest city in the entire State of Texas.

Out of all 50 cities on the list, Dallas ranked at number 14, but Austin and San Antonio were not far behind.

Austin ranked 16th with 6.6% of the entire vote. We totally get this one, Austin is Austin. Just between us, maybe it should’ve even been first? 🤔

Houston ranked 18th at 5.3%. Maybe this is because of all of the traffic? It takes an hour to get from Houston to Houston.

San Antonio ranked number 38 with 2.3% of those surveyed. Not sure why 2.3% of the people ranked San Antonio as a rude city. They have the best tacos 🌮

The Top 3 Rudest cities in the entire Nation were:

3. Washington D.C.

2. Los Angeles

1. New York

To see the entire ranking, take a look at Business Insider's Article.

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