A Coyote was Found Hanging From a Power Line with a Rat in It's Mouth, and We Can't Figure Out How

Well y'all, we're not really sure what to think about this one.

A viral photo posted on Facebook showing a coyote dangling from a power line with a rat in it's mouth is baffling thousands of people. Read the ideas people have come up with to explain this below.

Some believe that a huge bird- such as an eagle- dropped the coyote on the power line.

Other believe that it was thrown up there after a hunt, but how could you possibly throw something that heavy that high? Not only that, but why would you do that?

Someone commented that they work for a power company and see animals like birds, rats, and small lizards on the power lines all the time, but never have they seen a coyote.

Comment below how you think this happened. We are curious to know!

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