Central Texas Brisket 10 Hour Smoke - with Video

Central Texas Brisket - 10 Hour Smoke

This Central Texas Style Brisket takes a total of 10 hours to prep and cook, but it's well worth the flavor. Below are the instructions and complete step by step video.

We used a 16.8 Pound Beef Brisket, Camp Chef Smoker with wood pellets, and Killen's Seasoning.

The Prep: Pat brisket dry of excess blood Trim fat 1/4 inch thick

Seasoning: Killen's BBQ 50/50 blend salt and pepper

Cook: Preheat the Camp Chef at 225 degrees with Oak Wood Pellets

Place brisket fat side up After 3 hours check brisket every hour to spritz dry areas

Once brisket reaches an internal temp of 165 wrap Place wrapped brisket back in grill (fat side up)

Turn grill up to 275 degrees Once brisket has an internal of 195-205 (what ever feels more tender at this point)

Take brisket out and let it rest for at least an hour still wrapped slice and enjoy!!!

Here is the Step by Step Video:

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