You Can Sleep in a Bubble Tent in Texas Near an Old Ghost Town

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

It's true, you can sleep under the Texas stars in a Bubble Tent.

We took a trip out to Terlingua, Texas to check it out for ourselves, and we were pleasantly surprised.

Terlingua is a small town located near Big Bend National Park, with it’s very own unique Ghost Town, including an eerie cemetery from the old mining operation left over from the late 1800's.

Photo: Texas Memes (For Licensing Contact

The Bubble tent isn't far from the Ghost Town, it's just a right turn and about a 2 minute drive.

The accommodations in the 225 square foot Bubble Tent were spectacular, it came with a full bathroom, a very large A/C unit to keep out the desert heat 🥵, and it was 100% sealed and pressurized from the outside environment.

At night you can lay down and watch the stars, or watch them from the outdoor fire pit . The typically dry weather in Terlingua makes for an incredibly clear sky. We just so happened to catch a rare thunderstorm on one of the nights (take a look at the video at the end of this post) which made filming even better.

Photo: Texas Memes (For Licensing Contact

The Bubbles are booked out pretty far in advance, but there are also Luxury Tipi and Lotus Tent Accommodations available.

Check out our article on the Terlingua Ghost Town to learn more about the local history. We will be headed back out to Terlingua soon for a follow up stay at another site!

Here is the full video on the Bubble Tent:

For more information or to book your stay check out Basecamp Terlingua.

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