Bexar County is Releasing Prisoners From Jail to Lower the Chances of Spreading Coronavirus

In an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus in jails, Bexar County is planning to begin releasing prisoners back into the public.

The process to release the prisoners began on Wednesday, March 18th and is continuing on as the pandemic spreads.

According to News 4 SA, the Sheriff's Office of Bexar County is assessing which criminals are safe enough to release to the public.

As of March 20th, 200 prisoners have been released back into the public or transferred out of the facility to prison.

Sheriff Javier Salazar claims that they "accelerated" the release of some non-violent inmates accused on non-violent misdemeanors.

“All we did was accelerate the processes that were already in place, So, namely these people were going to be getting out in maybe two weeks, three weeks, maybe even a month from now.” -Sheriff Javier Salazar

Reports of similar prisoner releases are happing throughout the State of Texas and other States as well.

In Arizona, there have been reports of increased break-ins, and allegedly theft and burglary crimes are being suspended.

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