Apple Added a COVID-19 Tracker to Everyone's Phones

Here's how to find it and make sure it is turned on or off.

Apple's latest update includes a COVID-19 Exposure Logging. Supposedly your phone is given a random ID, and based on bluetooth, it allows your device to see if you have come into proximity with someone who has had COVID-19.

Follow the steps below to make sure yours is turned on or off.

Step 1: Click on the Settings App > Then select Privacy

Step 2: Under Privacy Settings, Select Health

Step 3: Under Health, you will see the newly added "COVID-19 Exposure Logging"

Check to see if yours is on or off. For more details click the gray arrow to the right.

Apple's decision to add this is certainly controversial at the very least. Does your privacy feel violated that your phone could potentially track you specifically for this reason? Or do you agree with it? Comment your thoughts below.

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