A Massive Sandstorm is Headed Towards Texas This Week

Saharan Desert sand will make its annual trek across the Atlantic Ocean and can be seen in the skies over Texas.

Not to worry, though. The sandstorm will likely only make the sky slightly grayer than normal and sunsets will look much more vibrant. 🌅

According to KABB, the majority of the sand will remain thousands of feet above the Lone Star State, however, the sand that does reach the ground could cause "respiratory issues"

A Sandstorm hits Waxahatchie, Texas / Flickr/Paul O'Rear

The natural winds that carry the sands happen yearly, and mostly go unnoticed by people in the United States.

A Twitter user commented hilariously on the sandstorm hitting the US:

Waxahatchie Sandstorm photo Flickr.

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