16 Signs that you are from Texas

1. You pronounce Whataburger the Texan way, "water-burger" 🍔

2. You can properly Pronounce Texas Town Names such as Boerne, Decatur, Gruene, Mexia, and Nacogdoches.

3. Trucks at your high school were taller than ever.

4. You choose your parking spots based on where the most shade is.

5. You dread getting in your car parked outside in the middle of June.

6. The metal part of your seatbelt burns like heck during the Summer.

7. You think 70 degrees Fahrenheit is a little cold.

8. Even if you are drinking Dr Pepper, Coca-Cola, or Pepsi, a carbonated drink is a Coke.

9. You know what the waiter is really asking when they ask you what kind of Coke you want to drink.

10. You have frequently had to turn on the heater in the morning and the A/C in the same day.

11. You say "y'all" on a daily basis.

12. "fixin" is also a part of your daily vocabulary. "I am fixin' to go to Whataburger."

13. You think 95 degrees is "a little warm."

14. You know what "Mums" are and your high school went crazy over them.

15. Breakfast tacos are still tacos even though other states call them breakfast burritos. 🌯

16. You've been to Buc-ee's and don't understand why all states aren't blessed with the cleanest bathrooms, the best brisket, 60 stall gas stations, and Beaver Nuggets.

See the modified photo from Flickr.

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